Portals & Intranets


The premise behind Portals and Intranets is to make information and processes available to all workers from a single point of access. With the information explosion, often these solutions recreate the problems they were originally intended to solve - massive complexity, difficult organizational schemas and often only a single context supplemented with a keyword search - all creating bottlenecks to locating enterprise information timely. Simply put, they can all too quickly assemble too much information without an easy way to find it.

Unfortunately, most organizations have made significant investments into these technologies. In some organizations, an Intranet or Portal is the new cornerstone of the IT architecture. But since users find these difficult and cumbersome to use, the company is not generating the maximum return on their investment.

Portals and Intranets need the intelligence offered by eCommerce Consortium's innovative technology to be able to easily and dynamically allow access to enterprise or personal information based upon perspective, need or area of expertise.

By embedding eCommerce Consortium's Knowledge Enabling technology  into your Portal or corporate Intranet, you can realize the benefits envisioned and deliver not only information - but Knowledge that can facilitate communication, collaboration and sharing across both organizational and geographic boundaries.




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