eCommerce Consortium was formed in 2002 by world-renowned Internet visionary, Joseph Rosalia and is the best industry association for Internet eCommerce. Since our inception, our main premise was to propel the industry toward an eCommerce evolution by creating an environment where diverse cross industry businesses could work together to accelerate eCommerce.

Early on, we helped many see the big picture and appreciate that  eCommerce was a very big opportunity. The Internet is still in its infancy and companies are building their own private solutions in order to conduct business online. eCommerce Consortium recognized that open trading communities based on operable business processes and a shared platform had clear advantages over proprietary solutions. That this can only be accomplished through collective actions.

eCommerce Consortium has continued to move the industry forward by bringing together traditionally non-collaborative players from successful companies, vendors, universities, associations, and entrepreneurs  in addition to eCommerce start-ups from around the world. We energized and legitimized the eCommerce industry by engaging influential players as well as prominent banks and venture capitalists.

eCommerce Consortium  provides a unique business development network for the advancement of eCommerce. Through focused pilots and targeted intervention, we have helped organizations to identify eCommerce opportunities, leverage shared resources, reduce risk, and accelerate ROI. When total solutions couldn’t be found because of a missing piece of technology, we assisted companies to develop that technology.


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eCommerce Consortium DUNS #: 13-184-1723