Web Services

Web Site Design
A portal is a jumping-off point to content and applications, and is designed as an intuitive, personalized access point to the information your users need. Think of the portal as the decorating scheme that pulls everything else together. You've undoubtedly inherited some old stuff, such as legacy applications that were built before the browser was the ultimate front end. Building an intranet is a big enough challenge without needing to figure out ways to replace your legacy applications. Use a portal to integrate the old stuff and to give it a fresh new look by putting it on the Web.

The big picture? You can't expect a carpenter to produce quality work without a hammer. The right tools equip your employees and co-workers to do their jobs, enhance your customer's experience and your company's reputation, and ultimately make a positive contribution to your bottom line.

Web Site Hosting
is the service that provides the computers ("servers") on which the web site runs.


Web Site Support
is the service that provides the people that keep the web site running and updated. 











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